Hi, I am Saeed Haider

I am by profession a chartered accountant, having spent my life associated with multi-national companies in medium to senior level positions, in multiple faculties. I do not lay claim to any distinction, having led a remarkably average life, though a most satisfying, rewarding and happy one. This was due entirely to the unending love bestowed upon me by my family members.

Ever since I can remember, I have suffered from boundless curiosity, a million questions always bubbling in my mind. After my wedding, my wife predictably found herself at the receiving end until she came up with a rule one day: asking any question in this house is banned for ever. I would have left this world one day, still thirsty for answers, but then Google came along. If Google had charged one cent for every question asked, I would be on the streets begging for food.

I have always wanted to create something, whether in the form of new ideas, a piece of writing or an excel module full of complex formulas. And to share things. I then thought to myself, why not start a web page where both urges could be satisfied. So here it is. Don’t expect much, it is a mediocre creation by a mediocre mind. But then geniuses are not always the best company.

You can always share with me anything you feel like, be it comments or ideas. Click here to go to the email address.

Saeed’s golden sayings

(Extracts from his Red Book)

  1. Show me a person who wishes to receive only constructive criticism, and I will show you a person who does not wish to receive any criticism.

  2. Show me a person who loves to tell you about other people’s faults, and I will show you a person who loves to tell others about your faults.


  3. 90% of people take offense over things which are not offensive, 9% of people take offense over things which are offensive, and 1% of people do not take offense even over things which are offensive.

  4. If heavens is as lovely as they say, why do people wish to have palaces there? Wouldn’t living in a small hut there be as lovely?


  5. Takabbur over one’s material things (wealth, fame, ancestry) is the easiest to avoid, over one’s ibadat is less easy, but over one’s good deeds towards others, is the hardest.

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